FPI PROOFREADING   ...   For Powerful Impressions

                                       F...             Fast                      Flexible                Fastidious
                                       P ...           Professional       Persuasive          Proficient
                                       I ...             Integrated           Intuitive               Innovative

Proofreading has been at the heart of my working life as an English teacher, over many years.

For those whose aim is to attract recruiters; begin a hard-hitting campaign; or find new clients or readers in a stimulating way, the skills of a proofreader are essential tools. Similarly, if a thesis needs more than just a ‘spelling and grammar’ check; references need to be verified and a ‘personal’, or ‘professional’, feel is required for an article, someone armed with these skills can prove invaluable.

A Copywriting and Editing service is also available at competitive rates.

The purpose of your piece; the target audience and the anticipated/hoped for results, will determine the specific genre and style of your finished product, hence it is worthwhile considering the advantages of engaging someone who can support you in your work.

FPI Proofreading Services can provide the tailor-made solution you need for any situation!

It is a simple, straightforward, affordable process from initial drafting to final publication. Furthermore, it involves a free, detailed discussion  of your precise needs, over the phone, prior to your commitment.

Finally, if you intend to have a go at self-publishing, there is a wealth of information to which you'll have access, by investigating the links on the Self-Publishing page.