The Trials and Tribulations of a Proofreader

6/8/18   Making the decision a couple of months ago to start a proofreading and copywriting business, presented a wonderful opportunity to provide a service and supplement the pension, but also revealed challenges that were difficult to predict:

  • The amount of research required beforehand, to assess what was required
  • Designing the look and shape of a website, not conducive to lots of graphics
  • Deciding on the precise nature of the audience
  • Time management and juggling priorities
  • The steepness of the learning curve, as each simple step led to more complicated ones
  • The realisation that when you think you've finished, you've only just started!

3/8/18   I woke early this morning with Brexit on my mind! Everything we believe about it is based on speculation, fear and rumour. There are no facts supporting these views, for we haven't left yet! 
The country voted for it, just, so it's going to happen, but we're now split into 4 distinct groups, all with one thing in common:

A) The first group want it to work and believe that it will.
B) The second group want it to work, but fear that it won't.
C) The third group don't want it to work, so believe that it won't.
D) The fourth group don't want it to work, but fear that it will.
From today, I'll be promoting PMA on the matter, because I'm thoroughly fed up with trying to reconcile 4 contrasting perspectives fanned into hysteria by the media! Whether we agree with Brexit or not is no longer the issue. We MUST make it work, for the sake of all of our citizens!

1/8/18    The Power of language is well displayed in the following, taken from an incident in May, when a Thameslink customer complained about the cancellation of his train. In response, Thameslink replied: "Very sorry Kevin. Appreciate at the moment the service is less Ferrero Rocher and more Poundland cooking chocolate."

Hull is renowned for the power of its language, and I have become a specialist in the field of its translation, as the picture below clearly shows!!

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