Useful Links

When I first conceived the idea of creating this proofreading website, I sought advice!

Research led me to Louise Harnby. Her site has a wealth of wonderful resources of such good quality, I thought it only right to ask if I could make her expertise, and the breadth of her experience, available here. She has welcomed it!

You might think this odd, but we do not regard ourselves as competitors, but rather as representatives of both ends of the spectrum. Many of her clients are already successful, professional writers, but many others are just starting out, which is where FPI can serve your needs. We both believe that there is a writer in all of us, and so share the joint aim of giving everyone the chance to shine.

A lot of the resources are free in this Copywriter's Manual, which makes it even easier to get started! Take a look. There is also a link to Louise's website, offering guides to budding writers, as well as one to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.


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