Formed in August 2018, FPI’s mission is to improve people’s writing and presentations using all the tools of a proofreader, including the language skills acquired over a period of more than 40 years as a teacher, tutor, guide and mentor.

Who will benefit?

  • Individuals in need of a ‘second eye’
  • Small and medium businesses with no in-house proofreading facilities
  • Medium and large businesses in need of extra proofreading/copywriting capacity

What are the FPI benefits?

  • Greater precision and accuracy in your work
  • A bigger impact, whether securing customers, or impressing people and employers
  • Increased selling or marketing potential
  • Bringing panache to articles, letters, CV’s or publicity campaigns
  • Saves your time, so that you can focus on more pressing tasks
  • Is more affordable than many others, because of lower overhead costs

Why FPI?

I firmly believe in mutual respect, transparency and trust, and their importance cannot be stated in strong enough terms. The integrity shared between a service provider and a client ensures satisfaction to both, when a job has been completed successfully.

At FPI you are guaranteed a personal, professional and prompt service.