I went on a fly-sail cruise round the world in 2010. To keep in touch with squash-playing friends back home, I sent daily messages.

Over the years, I wrote several school plays. In this scene, based on Bill and Ben, the Flowerpot-men have a hilarious boot race.

This would have been part of my biography, had I got round to writing it. Fun and games while at college!

Here you'll find some of the tricks of the trade. Apply them, then send your drafts to FPI.

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In this section, I have included a couple of examples of copy-writing emanating from a theme! Below is part of a diary entry to squash-playing friends of mine, while fly-cruising round the world in search of a rich, attractive, young Americanwidow!

Gill and Gwen is an excerpt from a play I wrote for a school production, with the brief to involve all the students in my year group. 

The Cruise

Hi Folks!

First, the bad news   -   SAGA have taken over the ship, for the average age of the passengers on Arcadia is 53, and there are quite a few wheelchairs! Secondly, nobody here appears to be Russian, which does not bode well for me fitness regime! 

There is, however, good news. When I wrote this bit, I was in the Orchid Bar and it’s plainly obvious they knew I was coming, because it is extremely well stocked with Speckled Hen & Spitfire, both at @2.60 a bottle!   .............................