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 Here, you will see the effective way in which a document is proofread.

 Many of you may think Word's Spelling and Grammar check is good enough. It isn't!!

 There are many ways in which copy can be edited. How these edits are to be presented forms part of the initial discussions before proceeding.

 This example is taken from a demonstration lesson I gave at a school, in an attempt to show Year 6 students how to make their narrative writing more stimulating. It works in reverse, too!

 Markup and annotation are an integral part of the proofreading process. Once completed, the author has the option of accepting or declining any or all of the suggested alterations.

 FPI's services can be secured at any point in the production of what is, literally, a career and life-defining period. Whether you are finalising your proposal, or looking for the finishing touches to your final submission, FPI is here, at your disposal.

 To all those out there, with so much to do in so little time, you can turn to FPI to relieve the stress, especially if you don't have your own in-house staff, or even if you have, but you need more capacity!

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