My sister had a problem with a faulty fruit-cage, ordered online, and the vendor was trying to make all the excuses he could to refuse a refund! She asked me if I could help and this letter resulted in a remarkable result!

Too many people are over-aggressive in trying to obtain satisfaction when things go wrong. A positive, forthright and straightforward approach, using the ‘carrot’ and ‘stick’ method, can very often prove successful. Masked within the structure of the language here is an implied threat (damage to the vendor’s ratings) and a potential reward (cost-saving and top star rating).

Correspondence prior to this letter is appended below.

Ref: (Order: 203-0095574-8722751)

Dear Scott,

Many thanks for your response, which I have to say is far from satisfactory. I sincerely hope that you will put this matter right in a proper and fair way! Everything I have told you is factual. Our other fruit cage, from a different manufacturer, constructed with similar materials, suffered no damage whatever, though it was exposed to the very same winds that caused the one we bought from you, to collapse! My brother has a polytunnel with a plastic cover. The steel tubing on that is exactly the same as on your supplied on. It also suffered no damage whatsoever. There was no snow, and nobody was pushing and pulling the tubes to bend them! The wind was very strong that night!

Your attitude implies that you don’t believe what you have been told. To suggest in any way at all that this is somehow our fault, is quite frankly scandalous. We are really not in the business of trying to pull a fast one. You can see the extent of the damage, caused by the wind and NOT the snow. Quite clearly, for it to bend the way it did implies that perhaps the tubing was not made of top quality steel! Equally clearly, the steel tubing on our other fruit cage, bought elsewhere, and on my brother’s polytunnel, (similar cost) was made of sturdier metal, though it was also 19mm aluminium.

To summarise, we would like a full refund of our hard-saved £318, since the fruit cage was not satisfactory, or, as a reasonable alternative, (and no doubt, cheaper for you, given the profit margin! lol) a replacement cage sent to replace the collapsed one! Should you wish to inspect the bent tubing yourself, for Q&A purposes, we will happily return them (or the whole thing) upon receipt of a pre-paid postage label.

Finally, I should point out that Amazon will receive a copy of all our correspondence on the matter. For our part, despite your initial reluctance to settle it amicably, we would happily endorse the friendly, efficient and supportive manner in which you have resolved it for us, when giving our feedback! It would be a very sad thing if you couldn’t do that for us!

Yours sincerely