How the NAVY Club was formed

Many years ago, while at college, I had a wonderful idea for a very exclusive club. To become a member, all you had to do was answer correctly, the following question, "Are you a virgin yet?" 

I had been invited, with seven college corridor mates, to go to London for a night out with a school-friend of mine who worked for the M.O.D. He took us to the NAVY Club, where we got totally pixelated!! It was during this period of inebriation that we somehow stumbled upon the acronym for NAVY (Not A Virgin Yet).

In those days, PE students were not particularly bright, but had big muscles, with which they used to pose in order to pick up the comeliest of the female students. They simply couldn't understand why our group seemed to be more popular than theirs at the discos. It was just so easy!! For a start, we told them that wandering around, loudly drinking lager wasn't particularly attractive, and would then ask them the question! If they got it right, they could join our group!! Most of them would then go home and lie down because of intense headache pains, which they thought were caused by the strain of trying to work out the answer!! Obviously, it was the after-effects of the lager, but they were PE students, so wouldn't have known that!!

So there you have the full story!! The correct answer, by the way, was, "Yes, I've been a member of the NAVY Club for some years now! Nice to meet you!", or, "No! Can I join your Club?"